Original Editions

We speak and write not only in Spanish.

We take pride in our culture and are secure in our language. That is why we continue to leave that legacy for our children. We take great strides in accompanying a society that is each day more bilingual in its education, communication and businesses.
Our job is not simply translating text. Thanks to the understanding of the Hispanic community, we achieved faithful adaptation, taking social and cultural aspects as well as the values that represent us into account.

(winner) – LOQUELEO.
2017 Sappi North America
Printer of the Year
Poesía eres tú

(Winner) – LOQUELEO.
Best Poetry Book – one author – Spanish
Moderno Design

Prisa/Santillana USA.

Español Santillana
High School

Santillana USA.
Conoce a
Gabriel García Márquez

(Nominee) – LOQUELEO.
– Best Spanish or bilingual nonfiction children’s picture book nominee
– Best translation of children’s picture book – English to Spanish nominee

Guía para un perro feliz

– César Millán

Un Alma Valiente

– Nick Vujicic

El Abecé Visual de Mitos y
Leyendas Universales

Santillana USA.