The Transformation of Metal

Metal is a noble material that offers protection, conservation and longevity.
Metallic packaging attains a huge advantage to any other material that competes in functionality, high impact and brand recognition for the end user.
Grafi(k)a brings the latest collection of metallic containers and packaging created from the professional and artistic transformation of steel. Products that generate impressive and striking brand recognition results and are guaranteed to increase sales.
Our plant in Bogota, Colombia boasts more than 20 years’ experience in innovation, design, development and production of metallic containers and packaging. 

Visual and Tactile Impact

Vivid colors that stand out on the steel. Offset print placed directly onto long lasting and water resistant metal. Polychromes, pantones, exclusive colors or special inks – with metallic effects, glossy, matte or a mix of both finishes, embossed according to your specifications.

Through research and technology, we perfect the client’s initial proposal, develop molds and designs, until achieving the imprint onto metal and finally the final production of the container or package, ensuring complete confidentiality throughout the process.

We have more than 50 geometries, molds, forms and volumes that allow you to select that which best suits your needs.


With the highest quality standards, our various processes allow us to cut, bend, weld, score and mold the metal in various way, to create totally innovative containers and packaging.
Maximum Print Area: 35” × 35“
Package Height: From 1¼” to 14”
Steel laminate Quality: 0.008” to 0.010”
We convert each container or package into a reusable and collectible object.

Liquor Packaging


Buckets and Pails

Game Packaging

Food Product Boxes

Specialty Boxes

Environmentally Friendly Products!