Printer of The Year 2017 Sappi North America

This Awards Program is the highest award of excellence in print around the world; it awards innovation, creativity in print, general impact of the publication, level of technical and printed difficulty and excellency using Sappi paper.
International Latino Book Awards 2015

The greatest awards in the United States celebrating achievement in Spanish-speaking literary cultural and economic development in North America.
Best Poetry Book –
One Author – Spanish

First Place: Poesía Eres Tú, F. Isabel Campoy;
Santillana USA Publishing Company; Spain.
8 Nominations Premios Internacionales
A Lo Mejor Del Libro Latino

For design and layout for
Santillana USA Publishing Company.
Best Spanish or bilingual picture book for Latino children

¡Juguemos al Fútbol y al Football!,
René Colato Laínez.
Best Spanish or bilingual children’s nonfiction picture book

Conoce a Gabriel García Márquez, Mónica Brown
Conoce a Pablo Picasso, Mónica Brown.
Best youth fiction book

Los pájaros no tienen fronteras,
Edna Iturralde.
Best youth educational book

El Secreto de su Nombre,
Rosana Acquaroni.
Best Poetry Book – one author – Spanish

Poesía eres tú,
F. Isabel Campoy.
Best interior page design

Poesía eres tú,
F. Isabel Campoy.
Best translation of children’s picture book – English to Spanish

Conoce a Gabriel García Márquez,
Mónica Brown/ Traductora: Isabel C. Mendoza.